Wireless Routers

Guys, If you have more than one computer or laptop, and one of your computers hooked up to a cable modem and you want to get wireless internet there should be cables with the router.

You connect one to your desktop and the other one to your modem, since desktops don't have wireless you’re another computer or laptop should have wireless capabilities, there by just getting them access to the wireless router is enough. You just have to set up your router settings using your desktop, and you should be connected to the internet.

And if you want to go for super high-speed web browsing, broadband will speed up your connection substantially even with inexpensive gear. Think about getting a wireless networking package that comes with all the components you will need in one easy-to-install kit.

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a Reflection

If the rights of the poor and the needy and the wayfarers are not fulfilled, then this group of people will be forced to delve into the world of crime. This will in turn not only diminish the level of peace in society, but also create feelings of malice and resentment towards the wealthy. We see that in the poor or underdeveloped nations, it is this group of underprivileged people who come to the streets in protest and raise their anger towards the wealthy and the resourceful and the government. They go on strikes, break the law and create disorder. History is a witness and such disorder results in economic downfall. This group of people also strays away from God for not being helped and the rich stray away from God because they do not help.

As we knew that in every society always state the rich and the poor people and the needy and those who provide for them live side-by-side. That the reach has obligation to help the poor But there are people who due to their greediness and self-indulgence abstain from spending their wealth in fulfill the needs of the poor, to the point that they become entirely oblivious to the rights of others. They do not wish to spend an iota of their wealth that is given to them by God. This kind of an attitude widens the gap between people and severs ties between them. It also promotes feelings of jealousy and rancor among the poor for their wealthier relatives. We should restrain from such greed.

The more affluent people should always be mindful of the needs of their brothers, and feelings of anger and dispute should never prevent them from extending their hand in help to the poor. We should not indulge in fulfilling his or her own desires alone, but should respect the desires and needs of his brothers, sisters, poor, and others.

Congratulations to Barack Obama and to the People of The United States of America!

What is your idea?

Ideas plays an important part in our lives. We need ideas every time in every situation. Not only idea to write articles –for example– but also idea to make all things in our lives better.
However, some time or even very often we don’t know how to get ideas.
But please don’t say “I have no idea” because when we say “no”, we are actually closing the door in our minds and thus prevent the ideas from coming in. On the other hand what we are thinking usually we are attracting it into our life.
So, to get ideas we have to make our mind begin to search for the answer. We have capability to contemplate ideas is associated with the ability of reasoning, self-reflection, and the ability to acquire and apply intellect.

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Healthy Life

Healthy Life

 Eat a lot of vegetables and fruit.
 Eat and drink regularly, do not eat and drink immoderately.
 Reduce foods that contain fat.
 Do not particularly choose foods.
 Foods don’t be too salty, better if insipid a bit
 Get used to drink boiled water.
 Avoid alcohol and cigarette
 Do a lot of sports
 Balance time for working and rest
 Hold your anger and have more laughs.
Difficulties always faced in our life but difficult not always has bad implication to our life. In some cases our difficulties exactly result a good implications. Some time our creativity happens the time we’re in a difficult situation and often some one become a stronger person and has wide perspectives after some difficulties faced in their life.

All the living creatures are put on the face of the earth provided with natural ways to adjust to life’s many difficulties. So if difficult situations happen to you keep your faith and defeat all your difficulty.

Indeed, sometimes we cannot manage our difficulties and we are frustrated because in the process of achieving our goals we have fail and cannot handle any obstacles were faced.
If these cases happen and you are stress what you have to do then? Wise man said; just think positively and look for any different activities that are enjoyable you most, do more exercises and of course consume some healthy food.

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Apparently, they're a couple of decades behind the "liberal" West, and not so stuck after all. Before 9/11/01, the media relegated stories about women in Islamic societies to page B27, below the fold. Ever since 9/12/01, those same stories have screamed from the front pages in 100-point type. The shift in discourse coincided with the launch of Bush's global "War on Terror," when various hawks began using the plight of women in Islam to illustrate the supposed perfidy of our "enemies," and to justify a series of military "interventions" -- invasions -- by Western powers.

In the United States, there's now an almost universally held belief that most women in Islamic societies face wretched persecution and that Islam itself is wholly to blame. But there's scant empirical evidence to support the claim -- mostly, we're treated to detailed reports of horrific abuses in theocratic states like Saudi Arabia and Iran, despite the fact that just six percent of the Muslim world live in those two countries. If you ask average Americans how they came to their beliefs about how badly women suffer in Islamic societies, most will reply that "everyone knows it."
But I've seen no empirical data to suggest that an Islamic majority itself correlates with the subordination of women better than other co-variables like economic development, women's ability to serve in government, a political culture that values the rule of law or access to higher education. In other words, you can use a comparison of women's status in Saudi Arabia and Sweden to make an intellectually weak argument for Western superiority, but there's little support for the notion that women living in "traditional" Islamic cultures enjoy a lower social status than those in orthodox Christian, Jewish or Hindu communities, to name a few examples. Think of the perfectly backwards Eastern Orthodox Church, the largest Christian communion in the world. Or consider the country where women may be brutalized more terribly than in any other, the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is 70 percent Christian and 10 percent Muslim. Or go to Utah, where tens of thousands of Mormon fundamentalists believe that women are literally the property of their fathers or husbands. Of course, Mormon fundamentalists are the exception that proves the endless benevolence and equality of the West, while whatever despicable caricature of justice perpetrated on a woman by the House of Saud is breathlessly recounted as emblematic of Islamic culture as a whole.
Comparing the “Muslim world” to the rest of the world poses an intellectual problem — how does one even look at the role of Islam in a society, specifically, rather than dozens of other variables that might influence women's outcomes?
I'd expect, for example, the structure of a country's economy to play a far greater role in determining women's status than the religion of its people. There's quite a bit of research showing that in service and manufacturing economies -- those of wealthier states -- women enjoy a great deal of personal freedom and autonomy, civil and political rights and access to higher education. That's because of the high value of their labor outside the home, in the workforce. Women earning their own bread out in the working world demand, and require, full political rights and legal protections. In poorer economies, most of which have large agricultural sectors and many of which rely on extractive enterprises -- oil, mining, etc. -- women tend to suffer a much lower social status, because their labor is more valuable coerced and sequestered close to home. That's a structural, rather than a "Clash of Civilizations" explanation of women's varying outcomes in different countries. It's the latter view that I find little evidence to support.
None of this is a defense of Islam, or women's place within it -- I have little love for religion, any religion, and certainly no desire to defend any religious rites or customs. It's about our loose definitions of the problem and tendency to idealize the "liberal" West.